You can welcome new users to your server with grand entrances using Aeona!

How do I set it up?

Step 1: Setting up the channel.

Run /setup welcome to access the set up menu.

Then click on Create to select a channel for the welcome messages, or click on Auto Create to have Aeona create a channel automatically.

If you're selecting a specific channel, make sure it is a text channel.

Step 2: Adding a Welcome Role/Editing the Welcome Message

Run /setup welcome to open the menu and make sure you have atleast 1 system. Now, use the dropdown menu to select a config.

Next, select the system that you wish to add a welcome role to or edit the welcome message for.

You will now see the Welcome System Settings menu, right above a sample embed that showcases the current message.

Click on Set Message if you wish to change the current welcome message.

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